Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Alchemical Process

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The sound "Ha" together with the sounds "Ho" and "Hum" constitute a triad of sounds which serve as seed mantras in the hundred syllable mantra in Tibetan Buddhist practice, by which the highest wisdom energies are invoked. Specific sounds raise particular energy frequencies in each organ. Obviously the sound "ha" is the sound which makes the whole body feel good, as it generates Chi and make energies move, so that a state of well being is experienced. Laughing and smiling are natural ways the body uses to rebalance itself and release stress and tension and restore the Chi flow.

The very low sounds which Tibetan monks make, when chanting their mantras, are very similar to those we heard on the sound track of the Nasa recording of the sound of the Earth, Saturn and other planets. Normal people cannot hear, but the adept can hear them. These sounds originate from deep in the belly and thereby create powerful vibrations in the Lower Tan Tien. Such a practice may well be called Tiger and Dragon sounds in the Tan Tien Chi Kung practice, as it raises internal pressure and power to move Chi.

In the Healing Sounds practice, we have learned that the Inner Smile heightens the activity of the thymus gland, the gland of the heart and the seat of loving and love Chi. The heart is capable of producing 37 layers of magnetic fields. The thymus gland produces the T-cells and killer cells which ward off and destroy cancer and other dangerous cells.

Tan Tien Love
Fig. 1.6 Inner Smile spiraling out to the Universe as the heart radiates out power to the Universal magnetic fields.

Smiling down into the body has multiple beneficial effects releasing toxins and restoring the energy flow and the capacity of the body to heal itself.

Simple Practice

1. Sit, stand or lay down in a comfortable position.

2. Use the fingers of both hands especially the middle, index and ring fingers. Touch the navel with the palm.

3. Smile into the mideyebrow and feel it relax. Smile and relax the upper mind down to the neck, down to the chest and gradually down to the Lower Tan Tien.

4. Feel the navel area starting to get warm. Start to spiral the energy in the navel area like the Tai Chi spiral. Feel the Chi getting warmer and warmer starting to raise through the spine to the brain.

5. Keep your mind on the lower abdominal spiral, and lightly feel the brain spiral and the Chi pressure on the crown and the mideyebrow. Gradually feel the Chi pressure push down into the nose and open the sinuses and feel the nose open and your breathing improved.

6. Moving Chi down into the sinuses will help prevent colds and flu.

7. Slowly let the Chi go down by itself to the navel. Smile down into the navel a while and feel the energy stored.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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