Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Universal Tao Practices

It is in the Lower Tan Tien that the condensation process started from which our life began. This is where all the energies of heaven and earth in the lovemaking of our parents and ancestors and their essences came together and created the embryo and our Original Chi.

In the Cosmic Healing Sounds practice, sound combined with movement serves to soften and cool down overheated organs which have tended to contract and harden as a result of stress. The body temperature is rebalanced and the free energy flow is regenerated.

Universe Yin And Yang
Fig. 6.1 Cosmic Healing Sounds

It is here that the birth of the very Universe from Nothingness towards Fullness is reflected in the unity of Yin and Yang at the beginning of our life Journey. By smiling and relaxing into the belly, we ease the metabolism in the whole body, facilitating the digestion of food and creating favorable conditions for the greater digestive happening: the processing and blending of Universal, Earth and Cosmic Particle energies to support the growth of the embryo.

It is by focusing our loving attention on the Lower Tan Tien that we create the primary conditions for regeneration and rejuvenation. When we grow older, we also can grow younger, as we remember our original prenatal state, cultivate our inner power and keep Chi pressure.

It is in the Cosmic Inner Smile that the heart of Tan Tien Chi Kung as an active energy meditation practice lies. It prepares the ground for all other Universal Tao exercises. The presence of inner peace determines to what extent exercises will be effective.

Taoist Exercises
Fig. 6.2 Cosmic Inner Smile

Also, it is relaxation which determines to what extent the body will be able to absorb the high energy substances. These substances are the focus of Chi Kung and determine its effectiveness in the process of transformation.

In the Fusion Practices we learn to balance our negative energies with our positive energies and condense our positive energies into a jewel of compassion. And then it is circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit to heal and transform our whole body and all its organs, glands, networks and channels. The pakuas are energy webs into which the emotional energies are brought together, blended and purified; they are located just behind the navel.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 6.3 Cosmic Fusion

The Belt Channel also starts at the navel. It is the psychic channel for self-defense of the body against negative energies from outside. It moves in a circle in and around the body from the center to the crown and down to the ankles and up again, to protect all the vital energy centers. The Chi which moves it comes from the power generator of the body.

Chi Channels
Fig. 6.4 Belt Channels

The Lower Tan Tien processes and balances the emotional energies which have their seat in the organs and then returns the virtuous energy to them. Subsequently it nourishes the whole body with the blended and refined energies; it is concentrated in the pearl which is then circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit and from there into all the other energy pathways.

While the Cosmic Inner Smile, the Healing Sounds and the Fusion practices generate new fresh energy, they also need to be nurtured by fresh energy which can only come from good Chi pressure.

In the higher alchemical Kan and Li practices, it is once again the Lower Tan Tien which serves as the first station for alchemical transformation. Here the Water energy is steamed by the Fire energy so that the whole body is cleansed and detoxified and the transformation processes at the higher centers of the heart and the brain are prepared.

For all these alchemical transformations, a high accumulation of concentrated Chi is needed. To supply this Chi, Tan Tien Chi Kung plays a key role. This explains why Taoist Masters and practitioners in their meditations always center on the Lower Tan Tien. It is here that the whole bio-electromagnetic process is set in motion which nourishes and sustaines successive waves of electromagnetic activation.

Chi Gong Dan Tien
Fig. 6.5 Lesser Kan and Li

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