Dual principles of solid protective posturing and agile maneuverability

"Closure" is when the defender protects himself by "closing openings." In combat, it is the art of protecting weak and vulnerable areas of the body such as nerve and pressure points. If struck they cause faintness, weakness, vomiting, paralysis, and could even cause death. These vulnerable areas just described are called "openings." Usually they are the more sensitive areas of nerve pathways and blood supply: for example, the carotid artery supplying blood to the brain via the neck, which is also the area where the vegus nerve passes. Most often areas such as these are the forbidden or restricted points for acupuncture application and some types of massage. The correct posture, by extension and placement of limbs, feet and body angles develops a shell-like envelope around the body making it "feel as if it has become a ball of steel." When this method is correctly employed under attack, the chance of being harmed is greatly reduced since the openings and weaknesses are not exposed. Learn to integrate this method into every move.

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