Photo and Diagram Credits

Page 11: Painting of Ko Hung at his alchemical laboratory: from Photo of a Painting by Dr. Sung Ta-Jen, from Needham, Joseph, Science and Civilization in China, vol 5. Used with permission.

Page 12: Illustration of Taoist yogis. From F.V. Cibot, Notice du CongFu des

Bonzes Tao-see, 1778. Memoires concernant Vhistoire, les sciences les arts de chinoispar les missionaires de Pekin 1778-1779.

Page 15: Wood block print, Taoist adapt. Needham. Used with permission.

Page 19: Photograph & painting of Sun Lu-Tang rendered by Chris Hensley.

Page 23: Electrical conductivity of skin at acupuncture points: from Robert Becker, The Body Electric. Used with permission.

Page 25: Secrets of the Internal Tradition. Print from a Taoist printing woodblock. Needham. Used with permission.

Page 31: Drawing of a Taoist Yogi—Cibot. Photo credit

Most of the two-man drills and self-defense application photos in chapters 4 and 5 were photographed by Bijan Yashar.

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