Sixth Gua Lion holds ball

Continue walking the circle. This posture can be held in multiple circumnavigation of the Ba Gua circle.

Walking Posture


"Holding the ball of qi" is a common move in the internal arts. When performed static it is called "embrace post posture." Here it is performed while walking in a Ba Gua circle. The effects of this posture are very deep and may not be appreciated in the early stages of practice. Its value lies in the sensation of building and maintaining the concentration of internal energy through the multicurved posture that develops control of internal power.

Move the power and the qi from the upper to the middle warmer* while walking the Circle (lower hands, palms down, as you continue to walk the circle). Energy awareness represents the point where traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbology) meets Taoist yoga and the internal martial arts. According to traditional medicine, it is essential that the energy of the three warmers (sanjiao) be balanced. Out of balance "warmer" activity is viewed as the root of many diseases.

This is a classic Ba Gua moving qi posture where, with practice, experienced practitioners will feel an electromagnetic-like sensation occurring in a shape that feels like a ball of energy. Once acquired, maintain this sensation to control qi while you walk in a counterclockwise manner.

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