Prayer Wheel Raise and Lower Arms

Weight on left leg. Face forward.

Step out a little with the right foot. Heel down. Flatten foot. Raise right foot, place toe on floor.

Keep full weight on left foot, with little weight on right foot. Breath in through nose and out through nose. Raise arms up in front while breathing in. Stop at chest height. Move arms into chest and then down to waist while breathing out. Very similar to opening movement in Yang style Tai Chi. Relax, sink, root.

Watch hands moving with your eyes.

1st set with right leg in front and on toes, and weight on left foot. Do nine repetitions of the arm movements. Return to resting position.

2nd set with left leg in front and on toes and weight on right foot. Do nine repetitions of the arm movements. Return to the resting position.

This exercise is called "Merging Heaven and Earth" by Daniel Reid in his book A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung, p. 235+. This book includes a complete description and illustration of this exercise movement. Daniel Reid has the exercise done in the horse stance. This sequence is also found in the opening moving of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

"This exercise balances Yin and Yang, merges Heaven and Earth, and fuses Fire and Water, establishing polar equilibrium within the energy system. Terrestrial energy is drawn up through the energy gates in the soles and palms, while celestial energy is drawn down from the crown. The two merge and fuse at the chest on a completion of inhalation and are packed down into the 'Sea of Energy' in the lower elixir field on exhalation." - Daniel Reid, p. 236

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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