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Right Brain Activity Meditation Stillness Creativity Inner potential Spirituality ALPHA Brain Waves

Left Brain Activity Movement Activity Logical Thinking

Materialism BETA Brain Waves

In terms of Yin and Yang we can apply the above model

It has been scientifically proven that meditation results in a regulation of the cerebral cortex and brain activity. An ECG of a person in a normal everyday state shows many high frequency brain waves with poor rhythmic patterns . Meditation produces low - frequency positive waves which are synchronic and three times higher than a non-meditating person.

It is at this low-frequency brain wave, which are called 'Alpha Brain waves' that the body goes to work to heal itself and the body's immune system is enhanced.

Alpha brain waves, which are slower than the 'Beta Brain waves' of everyday , ordinary activities, arc said to be at the centre of human brain waves spectrum. This may account for the feeling of "Centredness" experienced during meditation. Interestingly, scientists have also discovered that the frequency of the Alpha brain wave, which is 10 cycles per second, is exactly the same as the frequency of the electro-magnetic energy circling the earth!

So meditation allows us to harmonise with nature and the planet and we experience oneness with the universe. In terms of Qigong, we can understand that the study of Qi is not limited to the Qi in our bodies. Energy is without boundaries: It is everywhere. So Qigong is a very profound study and one that will gain ground the more science moves into the field of studying energy

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