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How important is it to understand the movements as I leam the form (i.e. what the movements are 'doing' on a physical level)? Is it more important to just leam the form without too much thought and let the deeper understanding come later?

S. Askey, Hebden Bridge.

It is very important to learn the movements clearly and understand tliem. Each movement has it's own meaning, dealing with both the mind and the body otherwise you would just be moving your arms and legs, this is not Qigong, just physical movement.

When we practise »«r should not think too much, we should just concentrate on the hands and the movement. This will enable us to forget everything else, a bit like meditation, we reach a situation where heaven and man' become one level. The Qi will be strong, but of course this takes some time. The only thing you need to do is keep practising . The benefits will come naturally. M. T.

After Hard Qigong practice how long should one meditate? When we swallow Qi can we open the mouth wider so that we can take in more air. and when we do swallow Qi is it the same as swallowing saliva to the Dantien? G. Smith. Huddcsfield.

During Hard Qigong we do a lot of very intense breathing techniques. Meditation helps to calm down the Qi and brings us back to a natural, normal slate. So when you meditate, as soon as you feel the body is calm and relaxed.

not too strong, then you can stop. But the more meditation you do the more your body can become balanced, and maybe you will reach a higher level. When you open the mouth wide and breath in you don't actually take in much air. It is better to close the mouth so that the lips form a small hole, then you suck in the air. This way you can make the Qi go down to the Dantien. and breath longer and so take in more air. Swallowing saliva during meditation is not the same as swallowing Qi. In Hard Qigong swallowing Qi is like eating something and swallowing it down to the Dantien. so iif sometimes call it "eating Qi'or "eating air This movement is strong. It is "Yang". But swallowing saliva during meditation is gentle and soft, so it is "Yin". M.T.

Firstly I would like to thank those of you who have written letters to me in response to Darryl Tarn's article on the Chinese Internal Arts festival. Their comments are very valuable and will help our Qi Magazine' move on into 1993. Their opinions Iand some corrections) help us to realise that looking at things from different points of view brings us to different conclusions.

I have heard from many people and from my own students <those that attended and those who gave demonstrations) that the event was very successful. Straight away I rang Sifu Peter Young to congratulate him and hoped that he could keep promoting this kind of festival such as the Taiji Festival organised by Linda Chase-Broda. as they help to introduce more people to the internal arts. I believe that Darryl Tarn's article was written from his point of view. At the end he just felt that he would have liked more information as this would help our Chinese arts

(and culture) to improve to their best. I know that Darryl has not studied any Hsing-I, Bagua or Taiji. His background is in Qigong and Wing Chun. So I think he looked at things from this point of view which is probably different to those who have been around and studied these areas.

While producing this magazine I really appreciate all the response and feed back that we receive such as letters, questions and articles. This all helps to develop the knowledge further. Personally I like articles that have different points of view, not just positive and good but different. Different views help to balance things and so used constructively will make things develop. M.T.

Dear Michael,

I was very interested in and impressed by your demonstration of Dayan Qigong at the New Year festivities in Leicester Square. London, recently. Your demonstration of transmitting your Qi energy was particularly fascinating. Can this ability be taught or were you bom with it? Your life and the process of acquiring your skill sounds incredibly interesting. Have you written any books on the subject or thought of writing one? Happy New Year and best wishes. S. Goodall. Kent.

Thank you for your very nice letter. I am glad you enjoyed my demonstration in Leicester Square. Qigong is a very valuable part of the Chinese culture and has a very long history. The transmission of Qi is just one part of Qigong practice. The ability to do this can be taught but it also depends on whether your parents gave you this potential. So it takes a little of both. I am currently writing a book which should be published early in 1994. MT

If you have any letters questions or coments, send them to :

The Editor Qi Magazine PO Box 116 Manchester M20 9YN.

Tse Qigong Centre UK

PO Box 59 Altrincham WA15 8FS 0845 838 2285 +44161 929 4485 [email protected]

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