About the Companion DVD

Qi Dao DVD, designed as a companion for this ground-breaking book, takes you on a journey of discovering a greater sense of aliveness. Step-by-step, you will explore the process of self-realization using this unique system of energy work dedicated to helping you discover and harness the inner powers dormant in most people. This ancient art of awareness can be applied to virtually any sphere of life: from healing to martial arts and from workplace to enlightenment!

You must see Lama Tantrapa demonstrating the effortless power that can be achieved by putting just a few of these fundamental principles into practice. He is one of the few Qigong masters throughout the world who can both demonstrate the feats of power most people only dream of and teach you how to develop such mastery. With a regular Qi Dao practice, you will learn how to:

• Manage and prevent stress

• Free yourself from tension and pain

• Increase your flexibility and range of motion

• Improve your balance with kinesthetic awareness training

• Develop the Harmonious Culture of Movement specific to Qi Dao

• Learn to send energy waves through your body and project Qi

• Become more centered, grounded, attentive and present

• Experience self-realization and spiritual awakening.

Purchase this DVD online at www.qidao.org/dvd101.

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Basics of Spiritual Living

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