About the Qi Dao Home Study Course

Discover the magic of Tibetan Dream Yoga as taught by Lama Somananda Tantrapa. In addition to this book, the companion DVD, Qi Dao Initiation CD, as well as the audiobook and workbook, are included into the Qi Dao Home Study Course. You may enjoy the practices presented in this Course on your own, although it is easier to learn and master with a practice partner or a Certified Qi Dao coach. Being able to test and experiment with all the Qi Dao practices is essential for developing greater sensitivity to subtle flows of Q/, which will enable you to be in the flow.

When you complete this Home Study Course you will experience:

• Being accepting of and attentive to your life's lessons

• Being present and never stuck in the head

• Being grounded, rooted and centered

• Being relaxed, natural and spontaneous

• Being awake in the dream called your daily life

• Being in the flow, in the right place and at the right time.

In addition to the foundational practices of Dream Yoga and non-dual awareness presented in the book and DVD, this unique Course also includes Qi Dao Initiation CD serving as a preparation for receiving your Initiation into the practice of Empowerment. This special meditation CD will take you on a mystical journey of discovering your inner world, the world of lucid dreaming and spiritual adventure. A number of unadvertised bonus materials that come with this Course will also help you transcend any old, less than optimal beliefs and patterns, so you can become fully aware of who you really are.

Please order the Qi Dao Home Study Course online at www.qidao.org/course101.

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