Exploring the flexibility of the adductors with splits

Explore how far you can put your feet apart as if you are going to perform a side split. Discover whether you can bend forward and allow your elbows to reach the floor by walking your right hand to the left and your left hand to the right past each other. You can tense up and relax the adductors and gracilis, the muscles of your inner thighs, while imagining that you can breathe through those muscles. In order to explore the flexibility of these muscles, rock back and forth shifting the weight from the heels to the elbows and back to the heels in synch with your breath. This part of your body may be particularly resistant to stretching, so please exercise caution while experimenting with the splits. You will enjoy most improvement if you maintain keen awareness of the limitations of your comfort zone and take time to allow the muscles to let go of habitual tension.

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