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Imagine coming to a crossroads and feeling the energies of different directions you could choose. You may notice that your energy resonates with some directions better than others. Where there is resonance, your energy is attracted to flow in that direction. If you pay attention to such resonance, you can allow the flow of life to unfold naturally and spontaneously. But if you do not pay attention to this resonance, you may feel compelled to take a path based on your preconceived ideas or stereotypes. Rather than following your own ideas, you may be indoctrinated to conform to traditional beliefs or stereotypes handed down from past generations. Letting go of such programming is not simply an intellectual exercise but rather a process of discovering mental alertness, spiritual openness and authenticity. These qualities can empower you to reconnect with the flow of life and promote freedom of choice.

When you imagine yourself at a crossroad, you are in a position where you have the freedom to choose your direction. Personal freedom is necessary to be able to make a choice in any situation of this sort. Your freedom, however, may often be restricted by some beliefs distorting your perception. If you follow the beliefs that do not promote your perception of the flow, they become an impediment to being in the flow. Therefore, you may need to look into your belief system to check which beliefs resonate with your consciousness and which ones do not.

One of the central beliefs that promotes being in the flow is the belief that everything always happens exactly the way it has to happen. Perhaps you had some experiences in your life that were dramatic or even traumatic at the time. With time, maybe even years later, you might realize that you actually became wiser due to having had those difficult experiences under your belt. As it were, what did not kill you really did make you stronger. Moreover, the energy of the circumstances of your life and its flow at that particular time had to match the energy of the event; otherwise, there would have been no way for the event to manifest. If you wish that things went differently for you in the past, consider that they actually would have been different only if your energy had been different. Indeed, your awareness and beliefs have everything to do with your energy moment by moment.

You can apply the same awareness to the present time as well as the future. Everything is and will be manifesting according to the resonance of energies involved. You may even observe the process of manifestation by paying attention to your energy, including your psychological state, beliefs and quality of attention, which you are ultimately free to choose. As you will discover through observation, nobody is doing anything to anyone, we manifest our own realities according to our current energy. Once you have learned to stop taking everything personally, thus dissolving your energetic chains, nothing will be able to prevent you from experiencing much greater degrees of freedom. At the same time, you will learn to question reality and give yourself an affirmation that life is a dream. This will enable you to relate to everything you perceive as energy and learn to feel the flow of the energy everything is made of in the dream called life.

Struggling against the flow of a night dream is a sure way to turn it into a nightmare. Similarly, if you struggle against the flow of your daily life, you single-handedly turn your life into a nightmare. Going against the flow of things only exhausts your energy, takes a toll on your health, and wastes your time. As soon as you realize that life's challenges can be perceived as learning opportunities rather than problems, you will become less tense or "stressed-ouf and find yourself in the flow of life. Being in the flow will empower you to live a dream life for real.

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