Many people wish to be more Centered in their daily lives, but have no specific methods to accomplish that. They often have only vague ideas about where the Center is; it may be quite difficult to become Centered without being aware of its location. The Center of your body is the line extending from the Bai Hui point on the top of your head, down the spine, all the way to the Hui Yin point on your perineum (the pressure point between your genitals and anus). In Oriental Medicine, it is called Central Channel and often referred to as the "Tai Chi Pole."

You can experience Centering by pivoting about 180 degrees on the heels, lifting the toes of one foot at a time and allowing your arms to swing freely so they touch the opposite hips as you pivot side to side. Breathe naturally, allowing the breath to synchronize with the movements of your body. Once you have established awareness of the Center of your body, you may notice that your breath becomes deeper and smoother, due to the relaxation of the muscles of your abs and diaphragm. Bring one hundred percent of your attention to the axis of your body, around which it pivots. Notice whether you are following the principle of Stabilization by tracking the direction of your Centerline with your weight-bearing foot. Test and compare your stability when pivoting around your spine versus any other way of pivoting.

Relaxation Audio Sounds Autumn In The Forest

Relaxation Audio Sounds Autumn In The Forest

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