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Extend your right arm on the Centerline in front of you and turn the palm towards the right side, right thumb facing down. Grasp the back of the right hand with your left one placing the left thumb on the crease of the right wrist, left hand s Lao Gong point on the back of the right hand and the left hand's fingers on the knuckles of the left. Keeping your elbows level, experiment with contracting the wrist extensors of your right arm at the same time as you breathe in. Then relax as you push on the knuckles of the right hand towards the right elbow while breathing out. Continue exploring the flexibility of the muscles of your forearm by slowly bending both elbows while keeping pressure on the knuckles and then straightening the right arm in synch with your breathing. Use your imagination to make it easier to stay on the edge of your comfort zone, imagine that you can breathe through your arm as if through a hose that can be bent without creating a kink. Alternate your hands after a few motions back and forth.

Bring both hands together in front of you in a prayer like fashion (Namaste gesture for those of you who are familiar with Yoga). Slide the right hand upward about half an inch, so that the right fingers are about half an inch higher than the left fingers. To explore and enhance the flexibility of your left wrist flexors, contract and relax them and then gently push the fingers of the left hand (including the thumb) toward the left elbow far enough to find the edge of your comfort zone. Still keeping the hands in front of you slowly rotate the hands forward and down, then back up and inwards, allowing the muscles of the forearms to lengthen. Alternate hands whenever you are ready.

To complete each Qi Dao practice session spend a few minutes in quiet meditation either standing in Zhan Zhuang (Natural Stance), kneeling Zen-style in Se/za or relaxing on your back in Savasana (the Corpse Pose in Yoga). Try them out and follow your inner guidance to find which meditation position you resonate

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