Exploring the flexibility of the groin on the ground

This exploration may remind you of a popular "butterfly" exercise although with lengthening rather than stretching in mind. Sitting on the floor with legs bent and the soles of both touching each other, hold the feet with both hands as close to your crotch as possible. Gently apply some pressure on your inner thighs with your elbows while leaning forward and exhaling. Lower your head towards the feet keeping your back as straight as possible. Inhale when you come back up contracting the pectineus (groin muscles). You can rock back and forth like this, in synch with your breathing, until you experience letting go of any excessive tension and lengthening of the groin muscles. The main challenge is to move slowly instead of rapid and jerky motions of the legs up and down, hence the name "butterfly." You will notice a significant increase in flexibility if you practice these movements mindfully on a regular basis without overdoing them.

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