Exploring the flexibility of the hips on the ground

As with the previous exercise, you may opt to conduct this exploration on the floor. Sitting on the floor, bend your right leg in front of your body with the left leg fully extended behind you. Position the right foot so that it extends slightly to the left of your left hip. Begin by contracting your gluteus and periformis (the hip extensor beneath the gluteus) as you inhale and relaxing as you exhale. Then explore the flexibility of your hips by bending forward in the hip socket and rocking from side to side imagining your breath flowing through the right hip joint. You may also experiment with the left hip flexors by angling your upper body as straight upwards as you can and moving it up and down a few times. Before you alternate the legs, notice if there is any difference in flexibility between the two sides. If so, give some extra attention to the side that holds more tension.

Reiki 101

Reiki 101

Looked upon as a mysterious practice, reiki originated from Japan, around 1922. Started by a Japanese Buddhist, this practice of purported healing basically uses the palm of an individual to emit positive healing energy unto the patient. Sometimes reiki is referred to as oriental style treatment by professional medical bodies.

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