Exploring the flexibility of the obliques on the ground

Now, let's explore the flexibility of your obliques (side muscles). Sitting with your legs spread wide apart, bring your left foot toward your crotch and bend the whole torso to the opposite side, reaching with the left hand over your head for the right foot, elbow pointing up. If you feel like you need more challenge, you may hold onto the left knee with your right hand while bending to the right. Following the rhythm of your breath, rock the whole body back and forth while turning the entire leg so that the foot rotates between eleven o'clock and one o'clock. Alternate the legs by pulling the right foot toward your crotch and straightening the left one, reaching for the left foot with the opposite hand. For greater relaxation of the obliques, add the imagery of your breath flowing in and out of your body through a point on the side at the end of the twelfth rib.

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