Front Kick

Front Kick is usually performed with the knee of the rear leg. If you just lift the rear foot off the ground, you will start falling backwards as with Natural Step backward. In order to create forward momentum, take a Natural Step forward with your front foot. As soon as all your weight shifts on the front foot, the back foot will be ready to leave the ground to launch a Front Kick. Lifting the knee on your Centerline will give it maximum power, in case you run into your target sooner than expected. Continue the movement with your knee pointing directly towards your target while pivoting on the ball of the standing foot in the fashion similar to Roundhouse. You may compare the strength of your kick with and without such a turn. You may also test turning on the ball versus the heel of the standing foot. To make the difference in power and stability even more dramatic, try bringing the heel of the standing foot back on the ground at the moment of delivering the impact. Compare the results and choose the method of turning which resonates with you best.

Standing Front Kick

Front Kick with the right knee

Just as in other knee kicks, Front Kick needs to reach the target with the tip of the kneecap to produce maximum effect. The kicking knee will be away from your Centerline by the time you complete this movement. Explore whether you can enhance your stability by tracking the toes of the standing foot with your Centeriine while pivoting, so that by the end of the kick your navel will end up facing about ninety degrees away from the target. Your upper body can counter-balance the kicking leg by tilting slightly back and then sideways (in alignment with the median of the angle between your thighs) as you proceed with the kick.

As soon as your foot returns to the ground, you can return to facing the target again by bouncing off the ground with the ball of that foot and taking a small step forward, shifting more than fifty percent of your weight on the front foot. Notice that this extra step can be used as a Natural Step preceding Front Kick with the other leg. This allows you to follow through with another kick right away. You can test this idea by making a series of Front Kicks with intermittent extra steps. It may also be used as a step to produce an elbow strike with the opposite elbow. Take your time to find out which one of the six arm movements would be the best follow-up after Front Kick. Hopefully, you will find it fairly easy to combine that particular kind of elbow strike and Front Kick in a series of alternating arm and leg movements. The kick should follow the elbow strike on the same side: right elbow strike - right Front Kick - left elbow strike - left Front Kick, and so on. I challenge you to find a better way to learn sending powerful waves through your entire body than practicing this combination of movements. Make sure to observe all body alignments while moving in this manner. To allow more room for experimentation, add the imagery of the Qi ball.

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