Tibetan Solar Energy Qigong

hands backward, palms on the floor and fingers pointing backward. After you land softly on your buttocks (initially, you may opt for a pillow strategically placed under your rear end), explore how far you can bend forward and reach with your fingers while keeping your back as straight as possible. Notice your breathing without forcing your breath, and allow the relaxation that comes with each exhale to bring your torso further forward.

Exploring the flexibility of the hamstrings in motion

Once you've reached the edge of your comfort zone, walk your hands to one side and reach for the respective foot with both hands. Rock the whole body from side to side revolving the entire leg so that the foot turns from eleven o'clock to one o'clock and back in synch with breathing. Then walk your hands to the other side and reach for the opposite foot to explore the flexibility of the hamstrings of that leg. Continue your exploration by rocking side to side and turning the other leg in a similar manner. Then walk your hands forward again to see if you are more flexible after just a few minutes of exploring this practice. I hope you understand that any substantial improvement can only be experienced when you make this practice a regular part of your daily life.


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