Holding Forth pattern of tension

On one hand, Holding Forth is a somatic manifestation of a self-serving, egocentric and competitive "type A" personality. If you find yourself creating conflicts with others, that may be an expression of your unconscious belief that your survival and/or success are more important than everyone else's. Even if aggressiveness served you well as a survival mechanism in the past, I invite you to question its effectiveness and compare with other ways of relating to others. It may perpetuate a vicious cycle of conflicts, with your presence and demeanor unconsciously projecting this aggressive energy. Indeed, it may be hard to achieve conflict resolution with body language delivering a conflicting message.

On the other hand, Holding Forth can be viewed as a necessary skill when it comes to asserting your position or projecting influence. Your voice becomes heard and your energy appears unstoppable. Consciously choosing when to apply one holding pattern or another will ensure fluid and skillful use of your energy in any situation. What is essential to learn first and foremost though is how to be Centered, which is an embodiment of equanimity.

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