When you are Holding Out for something, it means that you feel skeptical or unconvinced about whatever has been offered to you and are waiting to find something more interesting or exciting. You may observe that people standing in line at a store often have a tendency to strike a very particular pose. It is similar to the military "at ease" stance with more weight on one leg. Many people believe that shifting weight on one leg allows them to be more relaxed; however, it actually requires quite a bit of muscular tension throughout the body.

When I was much younger, I used to wonder why so many of my students exhibited this peculiar Holding Pattern until I realized that I was also Holding Out to some extent. As it were, I was dreaming up others to demonstrate the very idiosyncrasy I could not notice in myself. As I accepted and learned whatever I could from this Holding Pattern, most of my students radically transformed and quit Holding Out. Some of them eventually mentioned to me that I was their role model of body awareness and as soon as I changed, they followed suit. I responded by asking them to ponder on the old Zen Koan (a paradoxical question dedicated to awakening the student by making him or her think outside the box), "What comes first - the chicken or the egg?" Sooner or later, they came to the realization that something must have changed within them to dream me up differently... Of course, I knew all along that I had to change first.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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