Postural Characteristics

You can experiment with the Holding Down pattern of tension by contracting your abdomen, which will pull your sternum down, making your shoulders slouch and your head hang down Inevitably, your back will round, decreasing the lumbar curve causing the condition called kyphosis whereby the whole body assumes the shape of a question mark. This will eventually result in a noticeable amount of tension in the erector spinae and other muscles of the back and neck. It is as if the muscle groups of the front of your body were competing against the ones on your back, where the muscles of the front overpowered the back muscles and now the latter have to support the weight of the upper torso. Without holding that tension, your body would simply collapse.

Since your abdominals pull the sternum and pubic bone closer together, your pelvis tilts backwards while the knees bend slightly. Tension in biceps femoris (hamstrings) has to coexist with and counter-balance tension in rectus femoris

(thigh muscles). Unlike most other patterns of holding tension, Holding Down allows for being Grounded, which entails distributing your weight on the centers of the feet. Yet there is another major challenge associated with this pattern - it is quite hard to breathe when the abs are constantly short, which continuously compresses the diaphragm and restricts its movement.

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