Rotating the arms in the opposite directions

Now let us find out whether you can rotate your arms in the opposite directions at the same time: one arm forward and the other one backwards. These arm rotations can be easier when you allow the hips to pivot. Whenever you are ready, reverse the directions of these arm rotations. This is an excellent exercise for developing greater coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Opening and Closing

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Opening and closing both arms simultaneously

Open and close both arms simultaneously while alternating the arm that is on top when closing. When opening the arms, remember to turn the palms of both hands upwards on your shoulder level. Allow your breath to naturally synchronize with the motions of the arms and torso. Discover for yourself the way to make opening and closing following a trajection similar to the sign of infinity - just like a digit eight but sideways.

Experiment with modifying the basic Centering exercise that involves pivoting the whole body and swinging the arms left and right. Turn your whole body left and right around its vertical axis pivoting on your heels, one foot at a time, and keeping just a little over 50% of your weight on the front foot. Glance at the hand going behind your back to see how you can keep it at shoulder level, palm facing upward.

Since your cervical spine is a part of the entire spine, allow it to continue the torque of the rest of your spine when performing this movement. Compare it with turning your head in the opposite direction and feel how that affects the flow of this movement.

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