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Rolling both shoulders together

Explore the mobility of your shoulders and their connection with the lower body. Roll both shoulders forward, using the undulation of your pelvis to send a wave up your spine that moves the shoulders. After a few repetitions, reverse the motion and roll both shoulders backwards still keeping your arms relaxed at your sides. Notice that this backwards motion is similar to rowing a boat, less the movements of the arms. Naturally, rowing a boat requires a continuous expenditure of energy, and rowers have to use the muscles of the entire body. If rowers only used their trapezius muscles, they would quickly tire.

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Rolling the shoulders following each other

Now roll your shoulders one following the other forward. Let them accomplish this motion without any muscular effort by merely shifting your weight from side to side and rocking the hips alternately up and down. Reverse the movement and roll the shoulders one following the other backwards. This is an excellent exercise for the muscles of the upper back, because they get engaged in the movement without having to tense up. In fact, if they are tense, they will prevent the waves from flowing from the pelvis into your shoulders, but these shoulder rolls can also loosen up the tense muscles.

Arms Rotations

Shoulder Rolls

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