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Torso rotation with the arms behind the back

Making sure that you are in your Natural Stance, explore the range of motion of your shoulders by bringing your hands towards each other behind your back reaching over with one arm over your head and the other one down and around your torso. If you have any difficulty grasping the fingers behind your back this way, use a stick to inch your hands towards each other till you reach the limit of your range of motion. See if you can keep your body mass Centered by distributing equal weight on each foot. It can be useful to imagine that you are doing this exercise on ice, or any slippery surface, where it is crucial to maintain your balance.

When you are ready, alternate the positions of the arms and reverse the direction of rotation. Notice whether one of your shoulders is tighter than the other, thus calling for more attention. In many cases, pain in the shoulder muscles (especially anterior deltoid) can be attributed to the excessive pronation of the arm, which often contributes to energy deficiency in the arm and hand.

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