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Lama Tantrapa opens new windows, doors, pictures and dimensions to peer through. His book is sound, organized, developmentally structured, and good-humored. I learned a lot from reading it. and became aware of subtleties, aspects and dimensions I had previously missed, or had not paid attention to.

- James MacRitchie, L.Ac., founder of the National Qigong {Chi Kung) Association Author of Chi Kung - Energy for Life

The uniqueness of Lama Tantrapa's book is in its emphasis on the foundational principles of Qigong rather than on the details of a particular form. This book is definitely not another exercise book. It is a deep exploration into the nature of "Being" as revealed through movement and energy awareness. This book will help you focus on the process rather than the end results and build the foundation for understanding the importance of movement in shaping the way you are.

- Mark Johnson, founder of the National Qigong Association Producer of Tai Chi for Seniors

Lama Tantrapa has shared his precious family tradition revealing the connection between the way you hold yourself and your culture of movement. It will stimulate you to reveal and manifest innate life dreams as you establish a new paradigm of consciousness for yourself. The most profound dream experiences happened to me after reading this book on more than one occasion. Many doors were opened to deeper and deeper layers of awareness and insight into the intricacies of my subconscious. I certainly hope you will delve into this wonderful book to find greater healing, peace and joy in your life.

- Shoshanna Katzman. M.S., L.Ac., Former President of the National Qigong Association Author of Qigong for Staying Young

Lama Tantrapa goes straight to the essence of Qi Dao teachings - that self-realization is synonymous with being in the flow. This requires awakening to the realization that one's individual life path is inseparable with the flow of the universal life force. Lama Tantrapa is constantly inviting each of us to step into that flow of universal life. His book contains both timeless wisdom, and daily practice instructions to help you on your way. The illustrations are some of the finest in print!

- Bonnitta Roy, Former President of the National Qigong Association Founding Editor of The Journal of Qigong in Amenca

Lama Tantrapas attention to detail and nuance is at its best when elucidating the distinction between "intention" and "attention." When these qualities are applied to the topic of Qigong, his distinction between "inner essence" and "doing forms" makes that alone worth reading this book. Don't miss this rare opportunity to share the sacred heritage of this fascinating Qi Dao lineage holder. His writing has been in the making for centuries!

- Bernard Seif. Ed.D., DNM, SMC, Psychologist. Doctor of Natural Medicine Author of Daytime Prayer

As you experience the philosophy of Qi Dao you will notice that it takes a different approach than classical Qigong. Its movements are not part of a structured form, thus allowing for greater freedom of choice in what works for you. Qi Dao - Tibetan Shamanic Qigong - should be experienced by all and Lama Tantrapa should be applauded for extending to us means by which we can become more spiritually awakened.

• Karl Ardo, Advanced Instructor/Clinical Qigong Therapist Producer of QiGong: A Guide to Well Being

The practice of Qi Dao is not just another exercise program. It is a process of becoming free and natural. I knew from the first time I met Rinpoche that what he had to offer was very different from anything I had ever experienced before. To my surprise, practicing Qi Dao has far exceeded my expectations. I now live my life with more joy, freedom, and excitement than I ever dreamed possible. If you take the time for yourself, as I did, and continue your exploration of Qi Dao, I'm certain it will transform your life and empower you to manifest your dreams.

- Kali Samaya Tara. JD, Mediator, Certified Qi Dao Coach

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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