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A life is like a tree or a plant. In the death period of winter, a tree holds its life energy in its roots and waits for spring to come. Seeds embrace their life energy and wait to sprout. This is the death time and the prenatal time, a time of transition. Winter is preparing for spring. It is the time for selecting and storing the best quality seeds for the next year. Once spring comes, the seeds can be planted. This is like the prenatal time before the egg and sperm come together. In the old tradition, parents cultivated before the father and mother had a baby; they needed to prepare for the new life coming. The old wisdom traditions specified a lot of techniques for preparing the womb to receive the seed. In the moment that the sperm and egg combine, the universal energy and ancestral energy combine and new life is created. This time period is equal to the transition time between winter and spring. Winter is the death time, and death is the processing period for the new birth.

Life is eternal. The significance of eternal life is like growing plants. If we take good care of the seeds in the winter and store them carefully, life comes back more strongly in the spring and a better harvest will result. So, in the present, we need to treasure our lives and take care of our bodies in the physical and spiritual layers. Then when death comes, we will not be afraid because we will have a deeper understanding of the whole process or pattern of birth and death.

In the Chinese shamanic tradition, people don't worry about death and are calm in facing death. In my memory, my grandmother was in her sixties when she prepared her coffin. She chose all the materials by herself to get ready for death. This is a very old tradition. In her case, death did not come for more than twenty years, but she still got ready for it. She passed away in her nineties. Believe you have your eternal life and then you will treasure your current life.

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