Bao Yi Shang Shan X Tiger Climbs the Mountain

Meaning: Bao means hold. Yi means oneness and it stands for the Dao. Holding the oneness means living in the Dao. Shang means elevate, climb, or rise. Shan means mountain. The mountain symbolizes Qi. Mountains are high and close to Heaven. They are sacred places where hermits engage in spiritual cultivation and connect and communicate with Heaven. The symbolic meaning of this movement is that we should learn how to retreat from a busy life.

Movement: Pivot back to the right with your left palm 0Laogong - PC 8) connected to the inside of your right elbow (Shaohai ty- HT 3). Snap your hands forward and form tiger claws with your fingers. The right hand is at about chest level and the left hand is at the level of the lower Dantian. Move your hands up and down with the whole body moving in a climbing motion. Again, the energy must be held with the fingers as though they are claws. Pump the Q in your arm and leg meridians.

Visualization: Visualize yourself as a tiger climbing up the mountain. Feel your whole body moving and all the parts cooperating with each other, especially the four limbs and claws. The tiger body is heavy, yet swift, sinuous, and agile. This illustrates Yin and Yang—lightness and heaviness contained in one being. The heaviness is in the bones—condensed and never yielding. The lightness is in the agility of the movement. The tiger is stable and rooted while at the same time agile and active.

Breathing: Inhale deeply, gathering Q into your lower Dantian. Breathe out and make the sound of the tiger growling and roaring.

Function: This movement strengthens the life force, the tendons, and the self-healing power, all of which are related to the East. Physically, it opens all the meridians and joints to allow for the free flow of Qi. It is especially good for joint problems and kidney disease.

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