Colorful Wave Cleanses the Spirit

Meaning: Jin means colorful or brocade. Tao means wave or tide. Hui means return. Dang means wash away or rush. This movement symbolizes purification, as in the ocean's ability to purify the land. Here, we are returning to purify deeper layers of the body—the emotional and spiritual layers. The shining sun produces the golden color of the tide. The reflection of the water becomes a symbol for Shen or spirit. The colorful wave becomes a symbol for the harmonization of fire and water. Jing is related to Metal, combining the Yin element of Water with the Yang element of the sun.

The journey of internal cultivation is not easy. In fact, it may be quite difficult, so it is necessary to continue to practice in order to purify the physical body and spiritual body, washing away resistance and blockages. The practice is not just about the movement, but about your inner world. You use the mind to purify all stagnations and wash away difficulties. The message becomes one of spiritual cultivation.

Movement: Bring your arms forward Raise your hands, with palm up, to chest level. Your hands are facing your chest. Inhale and bring your arms toward you; then exhale and let them flow out away from you. Repeat this movement a few times. It should be smooth and peaceful, mimicking the motion of ocean waves.

Visualization: Imagine a colorful wave in the sunlight washing and purifying your spirit. Feel the rhythmic motion of the tide as you merge yourself with this wave. Exhale and breathe out all negativity and toxins. Purify the deepest layer of your body.

Breathing: Inhale and bring your hands toward your body, then exhale as you turn your hands outward with the mantra Hu. (Your lips form a small hole and blow the air out).

Function: With this movement, we are washing the Heart and Lung, purifying our emotions. This movement promotes the structural, functional, and energetic wellness of the Heart and Lung. It also tonifies the spleen and aids in the release of the emotions belonging to the Heart, Lung and Spleen, namely anxiety and sadness. It works to purify the mind and Shen in general.


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