Dan Dan Chu Dong lfclfclbJH Tiger Emerges from the Cave

Meaning: Dan Dan means glare, gaze, or stare. Eyes represent the spiritual window of the soul. When we start our practice, we are opening our spiritual windows to connect with the outer world and to learn the way of the universe. This movement is the pattern of the tiger's eyes—open and staring fiercely. Chu means come out or emerge. Dong means cave—the tiger's home and also the first humans' home. The tiger is the epitome of the wild animal, displaying powerful survival instincts and a need for freedom. The tiger needs "breathing space" and the freedom to roam and defend vast territories. This movement is a symbol for open space or an open heart. In Qigong practice, we should learn how to open the spiritual window of the Heart-Mind, not merely remain in a small cave.

Movement: Ending with your right hand out in front of you after the third round of "Tiger Wags its Tail," allow your right arm and hand, with palm down, to come to a 90-degree angle. Simultaneously, bring your left arm around from behind, rotating your left palm down. Turn your right arm, bringing the palm up, and allow the right arm to pass over your left arm, eventually ending with your left hand, palm down, under your right elbow. All of this is done as you are pivoting to the left. The arms cooperate with each other, creating a Yin-Yang movement. Explore your territory, working the meridians in your arms and feeling the energy. The energy from your right hand and fingers should be penetrating and shooting outward.

Visualization: Extend your fingers far away and feel your fingers touch the ends of the universe. Feel the Laogong I§i[ of your upper hand connect with Heaven as you feel the Laogong of your lower hand connect with Earth. Be aware of your eyes perceiving the outside world, seeing far away and taking in everything in the universe.

Breathing: Regulate your breath from the lower Dantian. Inhale and exhale, feeling the Q rotate in your lower Dantian. Visualize the breath in your lower Dantian as a moving Q ball, picturing the Taiji symbol for energy circulation.

Taiji Symbol Meaning

Function: This movement helps open the four spiritual gates in the body: the two hips and the two shoulders. By circulating the energy in the lower Dantian, the energy of the body unites with universal energy. This results in unification rather than separation. The movement is good for strengthening the Heart function or healing any diseases of the limbs.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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