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Meaning: Er means two or double. Long means dragon. Xi means to play or perform. Zhu means pearl or treasure.

From a Chinese shamanic perspective, the pearl represents storage of all the dragon's power and magic. If the dragon loses its pearl, it will lose all its power and will be unable to make rain or transform. The pearl also represents the finest energy or elixir in internal alchemy, which originated from ancient Chinese shamanism. Refining the pearl or the elixir of our body via Qigong cultivation is augmenting the life force—Jing, Qi, and Shen.

The dragon holds the pearl under its chin. In Qigong practice, the tongue should always be holding the upper palate; it is symbolic of holding the pearl. This is one of the important techniques for making the elixir (in internal alchemy), the internal harmonizing of Yin and Yang. This whole movement plays with the Qi.

Movement: Rotate your wrists and turn your palms up. Extend your arms behind you. Rotate your wrists again to come forward with your Laogong facing Heaven. This is a spiral motion and you will raise your hands above your head, fingers pointing to each other, palm up. Both arms are like double dragons spi-raling and raising the pearl toward Heaven. Remember, palms should always be facing up during this movement as you repeat it again and again

Visualization: Visualize your hands holding the Pearl / Qi ball to refine your external Q and healing capability. Visualize the two arms as two flying dragons playing with the Pearl / Q ball.

Breathing: Start taking a deep breath when your arms are at the lowest point, then continue inhaling and raise your arms up toward Heaven. Keep inhaling until the arms reach as far as they can over the head. Exhale on the way down.

Dragon And Tiger Gong

Function: This movement helps open the meridians and refines the Qi. It is a great way to strengthen your external Qi and healing power. It is especially good for your shoulders, arms, and Triple Burner. It also opens the spine and benefits all the problems related with the spine.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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    Why do the dragon and the tiger fight over the pearl?
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