Dragon and Tiger Leap into Heaven

Meaning: Long means dragon. Teng means jumping or leaping. Hu means tiger. Yue means jump from one place to another, like jumping over a stream. Yue also means going to Heaven to connect with high-level beings. The leaping in this movement symbolizes two substances, Q and Jing, which transform into Shen, and brings us closer to the Dao. This movement symbolizes East and West cooperating in Yin-Yang balance. In shamanism, the dragon and tiger are symbols for elevation. The dragon of the East represents Yuanjing^^n or original essence in the body, while the tiger of the West represents Yuanqi 771 or original Qi. These two substances combine and transform in the body to nourish Shen. Emptiness is not really emptiness in the literal sense. Emptiness symbolizes the universe that is woven together with Q and is a vehicle for moving toward the Dao.

Movement: Pick up the moon and begin raising only your arms while still lifting your perineum and holding your posture. When your hands are at the level of your ears, rotate them with palms facing both sides and fingers pointing toward Heaven. Quickly jump up into Heaven and feel your fingers touching Heaven. Move your hips and stretch your arms upward.

Visualization: The left arm represents the dragon and the right arm represents the tiger. As these animals rise and leap into Heaven, feel your own fingers touching Heaven. Feel your whole body expanding.

Breathing: Hold your breath, and with a quick exhale, leap as you straighten your body. Your breath should be evenly regulated as you stretch with your two arms.

Tiger Dragon Ying Yang

Function: This movement harmonizes the Yin-Yang energy. In the physical layer, it works to release any kind of disease. This movement transforms energy by opening the spiritual gates of the body and harmonizing the Yin-Yang Q to purify the body. This allows for smooth energy flow and the unification of Yin and Yang. It is a way to refine the body's energy.

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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