Four Universal Spiritual Animals

In Chinese, the number four is Si H. It stands for the four directions of the universe: East, West, South, and North. Similarly, it stands for the concept of space. In Yijing science, the number four is equal to four symbols, the Sixiang in Chinese. These four symbols are related to the four spiritual animals in the sky: Qnglong WIS Green Dragon in the East, Baihu fff fff White Tiger in the West, Zhuque Red Bird in the South, and Xuanwu ffffCJ^ Black Warrior in the North. Four is also symbolic of time and refers to the four seasons of the year.

Zhuque China
Wall painting of Red Bird; from 1,800 years ago.

In discussing the number two, we defined Liangyi as the expression of Yin and Yang. In the Yijing, these Liangyi are drawn as one continuous line to represent Yang while one divided line represents Yin. The relative nature of Yin and Yang combinations produced the Sixiang, or four pictures. The Sixiang are produced from combining the maximum number of possible combinations of these lines: Taiyang (Great Yang), composed of two Yang lines; Shaoyang (Lesser Yang), composed of one Yin line on the bottom and one Yang line on the top; Shaoyin (Lesser Yin), composed of one Yang line on the bottom and one Yin line on the top; and Taiyin (Great Yin), composed of two broken Yin lines. The Bagua, or Eight Trigrams, was created in the same fashion of possible combinations from the Sixiang. (See Part II, 5.9 Bagua A&/8 — Trigram)

The shape of the Chinese character Si 0 (four) is square. Square is the symbol for Earth. According to ancient Chinese mythology, four pillars on Earth support Heaven.14 These four pillars are the four limbs of the body. The human being is the microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe. Thus, the physical body is the "Earth" of a person, while the spirit is the "Heaven" of a person. In Qigong practice, we use our four pillars, or limbs, to unite our Heaven and Earth, our physical and spiritual bodies.

Other meanings for the number four in Chinese include balance and harmony. Traditional Chinese wedding gifts are related to the number four. Parents and friends give four gifts to the bride and groom as a way to bless their marriage, filling it with peace, love, and stability.

Marriage Heaven And Earth Qigong

According to the numerology of the Yijing, Si (four) is the number for the Metal element. Four belongs to the western direction and correlates with the Lung in our bodies. Just as the four seasons are the rhythm of nature, so the Lung is in charge of the rhythm of our life force.

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