Golden Turtle Plunges into the Ocean

Meaning: Jin means metal, gold, or golden color. Gui means turtle. Turtles can find their way back to the place where they were born no matter how far away it is. TUrtles also have the innate ability to navigate long routes in the ocean, and they always remember the origin of their journeys. Turtles are water animals but their shells are like armor, which symbolizes protective energy (Wei Qz) and thereby relates the turtle to the Metal element (Metal generates Water). TUrtles have the ability to go for indeterminate amounts of time without food, taking Qi from the air. The Golden Turtle is a symbol for longevity, the northern direction, and the spiritual energy related to the prenatal energy of the Kidney. Xia means plunge into, submerge, lower, reduce, or descend. Hai means sea or ocean. Water is the prenatal root of life on Earth and memory. This movement is a symbol for returning to the Dao, and it is related to the shamanic way of understanding the cycles of life and death. It imitates a turtle and it is good for helping us remember who we are since it is a way to discover our universal lineage and roots.

Movement: Take a deep breath and allow yourself to open, feeling your fingers touch the ends of the universe as you gather the Universal Qi. Your toes are still grabbing the ground, your back is bent slightly forward from the waist, and all the muscles in your hips are tight. This position mimics the turtle swimming in the ocean. Rotate your fingers toward the Mingmen and gather the Q in your kidneys with the mantra of Hai or Hei. Your Laogong are pointing at each kidney as you make the mantra.

Visualization: Imagine yourself as a turtle plunging into the ocean, navigating underwater to find your way home. Gather the Q and essence of the ocean as your Laogong point to your kidney, storing the Q and Jing (essence) there.

Breathing: Take a deep breath and inhale as you open your arms. Exhale as your fingers reach behind you. Make the Hai or Hei mantra with your fingers pointing to your kidneys.

Meridian Qigong

Function: This movement works with Shen energy to tonify (strengthen) the Heart. It works to tonify the Kidney and to dispel all diseases related to Kidney, such as lower back pain, knee pain, and leg pain. It is good for people who have poor memories. It teaches us about two treasures: Jing (essence) of the prenatal body and Water in our daily lives. These are the roots of our spiritual cultivation. (See Part II, 6.7.5 Zhi — Memory)

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