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Meaning: Hui means whirlpool and also means return. Feng means wind. In shamanism, Feng represents the circulation of Qi. Hun means blend, mix, or merge. He means combine, unite, union, harmony, or peace.

In Qigong practice, practitioners should always bring energy together to be refined in the "cauldron," which is located in the lower belly. One needs to control the wind very well to refine the energy. In Daoist internal alchemy, refining the elixir is a path to allow the mind, breath, and body to unite together in the last step to becoming symbolically immortal. After Jing, Qi, and Shen are harmonized and further refined, the practitioner will be enlightened and resonate with the Dao.

Movement: Rotate your fingers and wrists, holding the energy. Point your fingers toward Earth, bringing them to the level of your ears with your palms facing outward. Quickly lower your arms and legs with the Heng sound. Focus on your wrists and bring them down in a snapping motion with fingers pointing toward the waist. Remember your posture: head is upright, knees are bent in horse stance, and toes are grabbing the ground.

Visualization: Visualize all the light of the Qi condensing in your lower Dantian. Visualize and feel the Dantian as the center of the universe.

Breathing: The breath should be regulated to a softened state from the lower Dantian. Once you have moved into this state, the breath will become automatically regulated as you merge with the light and Qi in your lower Dantian.

Function: This movement enables us to move into a harmonizing Qi state so we can understand the Dao.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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