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Meaning: Ti Hu refers to refined milk, a substance that is powerfully nutritious. For the purpose of our practice, the nutrition referred to here is spiritual nourishment. Guan means to pour. Ding refers to the top of your head. This movement is a way to open the gate of wisdom, symbolizing not only the way of physical wellness resulting from Qigong but also the way of spiritual Enlightenment. It also means the pleasure of receiving wisdom, like pouring rich liqueur over your head.

Movement: Rotate your hands toward Heaven to gather the Universal Q and then turn the palms down so they are facing your head. You can hold this posture for a few minutes. Lower your hands—descending, purifying, and rooting into the Earth with the Qf. End with your hands at the level of the lower Dantian.

Visualization: Imagine bringing the dew from Heaven into your body and down to Earth. This Heavenly dew is pouring through the top of your head to nourish the body and spirit. It is an inner shower of purification.

Breathing: Inhale and rotate your hands over your head, then exhale as you turn your palms down to face the Earth. Hold your posture and regulate your breathing to be slow, smooth, deep, and even. Make the Heng sound as you bring your hands down.

Function: This movement purifies the physical body as well as the energetic Heart. Its function is to move one into a deeper layer of meditation. Your consciousness will be in a high energetic state. One phenomenon of this state in your body is that your saliva (Heavenly dew) will be more refined, more abundant, and will produce a special calming smell. It will purify and nourish the body and Shen.

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