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Jing means best, essence, or subtle. The Chinese character for Jing is composed of the radical for rice and the radical for the color green. The original

meaning of Jing was the best quality rice. in ancient Chinese tradition, rice holds the best Universal Qi. The radical for green is also symbolic of life energy. Ancient shamans used rice as an important remedy to treat patients. When a patient was very weak, the shaman would use rice soup to tonify the patient's vital energy and help the patient recover. As i mentioned before, the first of the Chinese Medicine Classics, Huangdi Neijing, has only thirteen formulas and rice soup is the first formula.

in the shamanic tradition, Jing also represents the physical body. Different parts of the body have different qualities of Jing. The ancient shamans also used the word Jing to mean body fluid because the body is a container for water in the same way the Earth is a container for water. in the Five Organ System, the Water organ is the Kidney. in a specific way, Jing also represents the Kidney essence. From the Qigong perspective, all the body fluids, especially the sexual fluids, can be considered Jing. This includes the blood, saliva, and all other material body fluids.

As we discussed in Part ii, 6.4 Fang — Cosmos, the body has three layers, Jing, Qi, and Shen. Jing represents the physical layer and is the root of the Qi body and the Shen (spirit) body. A person with strong Jing will have a strong Qi body and a strong Shen body. in Chinese, we have a saying: Jing Zu Shen Wang [FE. it means you will have strong spiritual energy if you have an abundance of Jing.

in Qigong practice, the first important step is Lianye which literally means refine the water. Actually, this step is about how to strengthen the physical body to improve health and to transform the physical body into a Qi body. in practice, we treasure the Jing and take care not to waste it. This includes swallowing the saliva, which in Qigong is referred to as Changshengshui H^ii^C—long-life water. Swallowing the saliva down to the Dantian helps nourish the body.

A person's Jing is regular, non-refined water if it has not been transformed through Lianye. in this case, it will still be in a low-level water state. "Water always finds the lowest position." Refinement is what must occur in order for it to reach the Shen from this low state. By cooking the water over fire, we create steam and vapor; this is how Jing is transformed into Q'. The next step is Shenghua ^Ij! (transcendence) whereby the transformed water is brought from a low position to a high position."33

Laozi said that ruling a great country is like cooking a small fish.34 In Qigong practice, we must cook. In other words, the visible physical liquid must be transformed through internal alchemy (the "cooking") to invisible Q and then to Shen.35

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