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In Classical Chinese, the number two, Er H, is written with two horizontal lines to represent Heaven and Earth. According to ancient Chinese cosmology, the momentum of Taiji, the chaotic primordial Qi, gave birth to two types of Qi: heavy Qi and light Qi. These two types moved in opposite directions. The heavy Qi descended to form the Earth while the light Qi rose to form Heaven. Er is also pronounced Liang and is written as M .

In the Yijing, the number two stands for Yin and Yang, or Liangyi M . These terms, Yin and Yang or Liangyi, allow people to understand an object through the expression of opposites. Bagua A S} the Eight Trigrams, is the foundational knowledge in Yijing science. The four pairs of universal Liangyi in the Bagua are: Qian& (Heaven) and Kunify (Earth); ZhenM (Thunder) and XunM (Wind); Gen

(Mountain) and Dui J" (Lake); and lastly, Kan ifr (Water) and Li HI (Fire). Chapter Two of Laozi's Daodejing describes this Universal Way as:

Being and non-being create each other.

Difficult and easy inter-depend in completion.

Long and short determine one another.

High and low distinguish each other.


Voice and resonant sound give harmony to one another.


Before and after follow each other.

In Yijing numerology, the number two stands for Fire. Fire is represented in our bodies by the Heart. Two is the number for Fire in the Five Element number system, and the number two belongs to the south direction.

In Qigong practice, we learn movements, which are Yang, and stillness postures, which are Yin. We can understand the Dao through understanding Yin and Yang. Confucius defined the Dao as "one Yin and one Yang combining."12

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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