Return to the Great Primordial Qi

Meaning: Hong means great, big, or vast. Meng means unknown, vague, or moistening. Meng is also the name of Hexagram Four, Mountain over Water in the Yijing. This hexagram is a picture of a fresh spring at the foot of the mountain. This is a good Qi field in which to live and grow. The function of Meng is to nourish and create Zhengqi (righteous Qi). "The Superior Person refines his character by being thorough in every activity," according to the Yijing. Meng can also mean unclear, enshrouded in fog, and moisture. Yi means One, the state of oneness of the universe. Qi is the vital energy or breath. In terms of Chinese cosmology, the primordial universe was one big ball of Qi in the beginning. The Tiger form is patterned after the movement of Qi. According to Yijing principles,

Heaven is classified as Metal Qi, and through making the first movement in the Tiger form, we connect with the Metal Qi, the primordial life energy. In other words, we move into a primordial universe state where all is one. Hong Meng Yi Qi, then, means return to the primordial or original universe state.

Movement: Stand with your feet together and your toes grabbing the Earth. Straighten your back so it is solid like a mountain. Lift your perineum to seal the Dihu Ejlif* (Earthly Door, CV1). Pull the lower abdomen in. Open your chest.

Straighten your neck and keep your head upright. Imagine your head touching Heaven with the Tianmen ^fj (Heavenly Gate, GV20) open. Put the tip of your tongue on the tooth ridge behind your teeth. Close your teeth and mouth. Keep your shoulders down, your arms relaxed, and your armpits open. Open your hands with fingers straight. Close your eyes with eyelids relaxed. Take your eyesight within. Listen within to sense the Q state.

Visualization: With your eyes closed, look and listen within to sense the Q state. Feel your body split from your waist, with your upper body suspended through the Tianmen and your lower body rooted into the Earth. Feel the Heavenly and Earthly energies penetrate to mix in the Dantian. Imagine the Universal Q as light surrounding your body. Open all the pores of the body, allowing the Universal Q to pour into your body. Feel your body merging with the Q and returning to the state of primordial universe Qi.

Breathing: Breathe through your nose. Adjust your breathing to be slow, smooth, deep, and even. There should be no noise from your breathing. in Chinese, this breathing technique is called Mi Mi Mian Mian HI^¡MM, meaning the breath is soft and unbroken like cotton and silk. Gather the Qi with all the pores of your body as you inhale. Condense the Qi in your Dantian H1 H as you exhale.

Function: This movement appears to do nothing, but it is doing a great deal because it is a way to help you awaken your original life source, and it is creating and nourishing the Zhengqi (life force). This movement opens the body and enables us to connect with the Universal Qi. it also helps us learn about the union of the physical body and the spiritual body. Daily practice of the movement strengthens our vital energy and is good for rebuilding our life energy from a state of weakness.

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