Shui Thong Lao Yue fc W H Lift the Moon from the Water

Meaning: Shui means water. Zhong means center, within, or inside. Lao means pick up or lift. Yue means moon. The moon in the water is a symbol for emptiness. It is a symbol of the material world and the emptiness within it. The moon in the water is only a reflection of the physical moon that exists. Qigong practice can help us to deeply understand this emptiness. Everything in existence has some relationship, some connection, just as there is a moon in the water and there is a moon in the sky. Consequently, the reflection shows both emptiness and actual existence. The real emptiness is not emptiness because there is something there. There is an invisible universal law: We need to understand the Way in our cultivation. Once we dedicate ourselves to the Dao, we will learn the nature of emptiness and we can break our attachments to the material world. In a certain way, the material world brings resistance to our practice. Once we reach a high level of a pure Yang state and continue to move to higher and higher levels, it is still necessary to understand emptiness. Just as emptiness is infinite, our practice is infinite and should never stop, regardless of our level.

Movement: Inhale again, then exhale and begin to lower your arms and squat down. Draw a circle with your arms and hands, descending all the way down to the Earth while maintaining your posture with a straight back and neck. Keep the upper body straight, regardless of how low you go. When your arms and hands complete the circle, reach down to scoop up the moon from the bottom of the ocean. It is important to maintain the lift in your perineum and not let energy leak as you descend.

Visualization: Imagine pulling or lifting the moon out of the ocean.

Breathing: Lift your hands as you inhale deeply. Then hold your breath as long as you can. Remember to lift your perineum.

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

Achieve Health, Wealth And Body Balance Through Yin Yang Mastery. Cut up on the old stone drums of Republic of China, inscribed in books handed down through thousands of years, traced on ancient saucers and on saucers made today, is a sign and a symbol. It is woven into textiles, stitched into embroideries, emblazoned over house gates, wrought into shop emblems, a circle, locked together inside it yang and yin yang, light, yin, dark, each carrying inside itself the essence of the other, each shaped to the other

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