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The unity of everything follows the energetic state of Wuji, the primordial cosmic Qf. Wuji generated an inner momentum creating two opposing movements. This is the dynamic Q state of Taiji. The literal meaning of Taiji is extreme ends or going to the limit. For example, a circle (O) stretched horizontally to the end of its limit will eventually become a straight line (—). In fact, in Yijing science, the number one represents Taiji.

In Chinese, the number one is written as a horizontal line (—). It has two ends representing the combination of Yin and Yang. If we cut the line in half, there will be two lines with four ends (--), but each line still has two ends. In Chinese numerology, the number one, Yi (—), is a symbol for unity. It represents stability and harmony.

Just as in human cell division, this process is a symbol of the divisive union in nature. The opposing movement within an individual component is Taiji, the oneness of the universe. Laozi indicated, "Fan Zhe Dao Zhi Dong BC^tM.^M " —The opposite way is the motivation of the Dao. The number one is a symbol of the universal life force. It is Taiji, the inner force of the existence of the universe.

In the Yijing, the numerological meaning of the number one is the water ele

Developing Taijijin Taiji Forces
Bronze spiral discovered in Sichuan Province; from about 4,000 years ago. The spiral pattern is regarded as an old Taiji pattern and was a common totem in ancient China.

ment. Water is the Kidney official of the body. One is the first number of the Five Element numbers. In ancient Chinese cosmology, water was the first element created by the universe. In the Bamboo Book, a recording of this idea states, "The Great One gave birth to Water."11 The Great One refers to the universe.

Both the body (microcosm) and the Earth (macrocosm) contain 70% water. The main technique of Qigong is to refine the body's water {Lianye ^.Wt )• One of the purposes of Qigong practice is to maintain the Jing H (essence or body fluids) and to move into the state of oneness, uniting oneself with nature. Accordingly, another name for Qigong in Chinese is Shouyi tPholding oneness.

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