The Tranquility of Qigong Practice

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Many Qigong friends have told me that their minds always wander from the present at the beginning of their Qigong training. Some friends have given up their Qigong practice because they could not calm down during Qigong. Actually, an uneven feeling is a normal phenomenon of Qigong processing. It is not necessary to try to force yourself to calm down during your practice. The ancient shamans designed different Qigong techniques to help people become tranquil. The feelings of stillness, peacefulness, and tranquility are the results of Qigong practice. Holding the tranquility state is a way to awaken your Shen (spirit). For instance, in classical Chinese medicine, practitioners in a deep state of tranquility may feel or see how the meridian systems are working in their bodies or may be able to tell how an herb is connecting with the different organ systems.

Again, tranquility is a result of Qigong practice rather than a requirement. In the Daodejing, a book about Qigong practice and spiritual cultivation, Laozi taught all of the Qigong principles and techniques. We can find this tranquility of Qigong processing in the following passage from his book:

JL mzm

The Hole (Dantian) functions as a container,

It follows only the Dao.

Everything comes from the Dao.


It is elusive, evasive.


Evasive, elusive,


Yet latent within it are patterns.

Elusive, evasive,

Yet latent within it are objects.

Dark and dim,

Yet latent within it is the Jing (life force).


The Jing being very true,

Latent within it is Xin (trust, integrity, evidence).

We will achieve an enlightened nature through the state of tranquility. The original function of Qigong was to model a way of life as well as to reach a state of Enlightenment. Exploring the roots of Qigong—Wu, Chinese shamanism—may help us understand and deepen our Qigong practice.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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