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Lao^t literally means old. In Chinese, it is a symbol for wisdom. Of course, we all know that a person doesn't have to be old to be wise. However, even now in modern China, "old" is used as a title to express respect. For instance, the Chinese word for teacher is Laoshi ièffi- which translates directly into English

as "old master." In Chinese tradition, teaching is one of the most respected jobs. The function of a teacher used to be described as "Pass the Dao, teach techniques, and help students find the answers to their questions and doubts." 2 No matter how old you were, you were an "old master" if you were a teacher in China. In ancient times, the shaman held the most respected job and teaching was part of the shaman's job.

The ancient oracle bone Chinese writing style can help us better understand Lao (old). The written pattern of the oracle bone character for Lao looks like a person holding a staff. In Chinese shamanism, a staff represents the power of the universe. With a staff, a shaman had the power to pass on the universal knowledge to others. Later, when teachers took over part of the shaman's job, they always taught with a small staff in their hands like the shaman. The first time I looked at this oldest style of Chinese character, an image arose in my mind: the Queen Mother of the West (Xiwangmu g j-j {jj- ) standing on the top of Kunlun Mountain with the victory staff in her hand.

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