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Praise for Master Zhongxian Wu's Vital Breath of the Dao

"In this beautiful book, Master Zhongxian Wu communicates to us his great understanding of, and experience with Qigong—not as a mere technique but as a perspective on life itself. He presents this material in a timeless way that engenders open awareness and ease of being in the reader. Over a cup of tea, we are led to taste the fruits of the practice so reverently offered to us. Master Wu is generous to create an elaborate context through the language of Classical Chinese Medicine as an initiation for us into the heart of teachings that too often remain hidden from the student. I recommend this book to all practitioners who have a serious interest in the deeper traditions of Chinese Medicine."

—LONNY S. JARRETT, author of Nourishing Destiny and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

"This book delivers the authentic teaching of shamanic Qigong and at the same time provides the cultural context that gave it birth. This sort of knowledge and understanding is rare nowadays, even among Chinese masters. How fortunate we are to have this first encyclopedic volume from Master Wu Zhongxian, which he shares with us as the old friends we are on this oldest of paths." —RED PINE (BILL PORTER), author of The Road to Heaven

"This book, in addition to practice instructions and novel Qigong techniques, provides a fascinating glimpse into the correlative and symbolic thinking of a traditionally trained Qigong master. Meandering creatively through linguistics and archaeology, myths and cosmic patterns, the author links Qigong practice with a kind of magico-synchronic thinking that is full of correspondences and sees matching coincidences on many levels of life. The book weaves a fabric rich in traditional stories, concepts, and terms, applied in a variegated pattern to the complexities of modern life. Living in this world can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, offering much more than the mere physical well-being and focused concentration that is commonly associated with Qigong."

—LIVIA KOHN, Professor of Religion and East Asian Studies, Boston University, author of Daoism and Chinese Culture and Early Chinese Mysticism

Chinese Text

"Qigong integrates posture, movement, mind, and breath. Within Qigong there is softness and fluidity, strength and power, and internal focus and outward opening. By publishing this text on Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong, Zhongxian Wu has performed a great service in deepening our knowledge of Qigong, offering both the form itself and his understanding of how to lead a harmonious Qigong life." —PETER DEADMAN, author of A Manual of Acupuncture and founder of Journal of Chinese Medicine

"A remarkable blend of interesting scholarship, valuable healing practices, and a gateway into the deep authentic tradition of Chinese Shamanism and the internal martial arts. It would take the journey of a lifetime in China to find such teachings and sincerity."

—MICHAEL MAYER, Ph.D. licensed Psychologist, Qigong teacher and author of Secrets to Living Younger Longer: The Self-Healing Path of Qigong Standing Meditation and Tai Chi

"This energetic English-language presentation of the worldview that informs the theory and practice of Shamanic Qigong is practical, easy to follow, and astonishingly comprehensive. Master Wu's lucid contemporary prose provides a valid passport to China's central province of healing: the appropriate regulation and deployment of the body. He talks to the reader as if to a friend across a table at a tea house, and he knows that if we each will only allow ourselves to accept the healing warmth he has poured out for us, the spirit of immediate living will fill our cup. We would be cranky to refuse."

—JOHN BEEBE, Jungian analyst, author of Integrity in Depth

"This is a remarkably interesting book by a remarkable master of many Chinese arts. Ostensibly about Qigong, this book penetrates deep into the roots of China's ancient shamanism. This alone makes it worthwhile reading, even for those who don't want to learn his powerful Shamanic Tiger Qigong. It is easily accessible even as it explains the complex original meanings of symbols and reveals the Qigong way of thinking, feeling, and moving through life. It explores the art of drinking tea, the I Ching, Taoist numerology and cosmology, and much more. Usually, I tell people to avoid books on Qigong, as you cannot learn the art from them. This book is the exception—don't miss it."

—MICHAEL WINN, founder, Healing Tao University, past president, National Qigong Association (NQA]

"Master Wu's sixth book—his first in English—is a seminal work in the field of Qigong. For Westerners interested in this fascinating healing art, it opens a window into the little-known Shamanic roots of Qigong. Master Wu's compassionate heart and sincere spirit offers readers a trusted guide through the cultural history of Chinese Shamanic Qigong and the practice of personal cultivation." — FRANCESCO GARRI GARRIPOLI, author of Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance

"This lovely book explores the symbolism, numerology, and theory of Chinese Shamanic Qigong in a way that will expand the horizons of both Qigong beginners and long-time practitioners alike. Zhongxian Wu invites us to drink tea with him while he tells us instructive stories about his own personal journey, all the time reminding us that there is 'no hurry/ and that only by slowing down, sensing, feeling, and breathing can we experience the essence of Qigong." —DENNIS LEWIS, author of The Tao of Natural Breathing and Free Your Breath, Free Your Life

"Master Zhongxian Wu has given us a deeply illuminating perspective on the ancient Chinese Shamanic roots of Qigong. Masterfully described in this book, the wisdom tradition of Chinese shamanism is the source code of all classical Daoist and Confucian cultures. Wu teaches us that the original purpose of Qigong was to model a harmonious way of life by connecting with universal energy while simultaneously pointing to the possibility of spiritual cultivation. Master Wu has ably integrated a biographical, scholarly, and practical understanding of this tradition through story and myth, a deep knowledge of Shamanic symbolism, and his generous sharing of Shamanic Qigong techniques." —GUNTHER M. "WEIL, Ph.D.

"This is not a narrow book about a little known style of Qigong. Master Wu carefully and thoroughly explains the history and context out of which the Tiger Qigong style emerged. This book is the work of a true scholar, rich in detail yet presented in a very relaxed, easy-to-understand format. I recommend it to anyone who wants an in-depth look at the history and evolution of Chinese Shamanic Qigong." —MARK JOHNSON, a founding father of the National Qigong Association (NQA]

"Master Wu has done a wonderful job in bridging the ancient world of Chinese Shamanism with the ongoing and ever unfolding world of Daoism. By explaining and clarifying the characters used in the traditional teachings he is able to convey a deeper understanding of these life-changing practices." —SOLALA TOWLER, editor The Empty Vessel, author of Tales From the Tao

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