Yao Wu Yang Wei fttH fa Tiger Displays Martial Power

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Meaning: Yao means shining, lightning, show, or display. Wu means martial power. Thus, Yao Wu means to display one's martial power. Yang means show or wave. Wei means respect, venerable, or spiritual power. It is a sincere feeling of respect for nature and for our practice. In the traditional way, doing Qigong practice is like performing a special ceremony or ritual to connect ourselves with the universe. The tiger displaying its martial power represents bringing out our inner potential for spiritual power. This is a type of spiritual energy that we use for cultivation. In our Qigong practice, new challenges are met often, and we need this inner power to display confidence and fortitude.

Movement: Pivot in a slow, relaxed fashion back to the right, suddenly snapping your right wrist so that your right palm is more upward and slightly higher than eye level. Allow your left hand to move down to the lower Dantian and connect with Earthly Qf. Work the meridians in your arms and legs, twisting and undulating, feeling the power and strength of the tiger. Feel your Qf move through all parts of your tiger body, even to the tips of each body hair.

Visualization: Imagine being a dragon. Feel your whole body moving—not just the wrists and hands. Your whole body spirals, and the Qf condenses into the bone and marrow (Qf Lian Ru Gu "Hjs&AH' )• At the same time, feel as if each hair on the body is like a needle or an iron weapon standing straight up.

Breathing: Allow your breath to be slow, smooth, deep, and even. Breathe with all the pores of the body, not with just the lungs. Occasionally, you can make a slow inhale followed by a sharp exhale with the sound Heng^f .

Function: This movement connects us with the harmony of the Universal Qi and is excellent for dispersing Qi stagnation in the body. It also helps strengthen the Kidney and Liver Qi and harmonizes the Lung and Liver Qi,

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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