Yun Xing Yu Shi ft M Moving Clouds Make Rain

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Meaning: Yun means clouds. Xing means move, do, element, or achieve. Yu means rain. Shi means give or execute. The Chinese concept of clouds and rain contains sexual connotations: clouds and rain are a Chinese traditional synonym for intercourse and represent the way of giving birth to new life. In traditional Chinese literature, intercourse is likened to clouds—clouds are the Qf that is produced when Heaven and Earth embrace while ejaculation is equivalent to the bursting of the clouds, bringing forth fertilizing rain. Tigers are indeed known to vocalize most vigorously when mating or fighting over a mate. As Yang creatures, tigers exhibit sexual prowess and their body parts are treasured aphrodisiacs. Tigers have frequent intercourse, climaxing in a dramatic ejaculation when the male tiger roars and bites his partner's neck.

This movement is the intercourse of Yin and Yang—a. pattern of harmony. The combination of Yin and Yang is an expression of the Dao. Qigong practice is about harmonizing the Yin and Yang, which will help maintain our health and vital energy With the appropriate amount of rain, the Earth will give birth to all things. The pattern of this form is like the clouds making rain.

Movement: Allow your arms to descend with fingers pointed up, relaxing the fingers so they become horizontal at about shoulder level. As you lower your arms to the level of your lower Dantian, lower your body to come back into horse stance. You are bringing the Heavenly energy to Earth and connecting Heaven and Earth. It is important not to loosen your arms as they move down; you must hold the energy. Keep your head upright and your upper body straight during the movement.

Visualization: Imagine clouds in the sky above. The clouds become rain that falls down to Earth and invigorates the body.

Breathing: Breathe in while your hands hold at the top for a moment; then exhale and relax as your hands move down.

Tiger Breathing Exercise

Function: This is a soft Yin movement that nourishes the body. Yin nourishes Yang. This movement is good for Yin deficiency, especially Kidney Yin deficiency. It is a way to strengthen your sexual power. It is also good for excess Yang conditions, such as insomnia and hypertension. Blood pressure can be reduced even if one simply visualizes rain falling rather than actually doing the movement. This should be done every day to achieve long-term stabilization of blood pressure.

Falun Gong Mouvement

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