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Antibiotics and Tonsillectomies are not the only remedies to your recurring tonsillitis. There are a few all natural tonsillitis cures that are proven effective. If you want a reliable source of tonsillitis cures, you need Tonsillitis Natural Cure Book by Jennifer Watts. In her eBook, she shares with you all the cures she has found and proven effective. These cures are all natural, and do not require the use of pharmaceutical meds and surgery. In just about 3 days, you will be able to banish your tonsillitis for good. If you have children who suffer from this condition, you will get natural treatments that are made especially for children. Definitely a must buy for moms with kids who suffer from tonsillitis, as well as adults whos been burdened with this problem for a long, long time.

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Auras of the Bioplasmic Body

Bioplasmic Body

Both the bioplasmic body and the visible physical body are so closely related that what affects one affects the other and vice versa. For instance, if the bioplasmic throat is weakened then it may manifest on the visible physical body as a cough, cold, sore throat, tonsilitis or other throat related problems. Should a person accidentally slash his or her skin, there is a corresponding pranic leak in the area where there is bleeding. Initially, the affected area where there is a cut or sprain would become temporarily brighter due to pranic leak but would inevitably become grayish due to pranic depletion. If any part of the bioplasmic body is weakened due to either pranic congestion or depletion, the visible physical counterpart would either malfunction or become susceptible to infection. For example, a depleted solar plexus and liver may manifest as jaundice or hepatitis.

Sample Case

Zhu, 28 years old, was very weak and often suffered from cold at the change of seasons and alternating cold and hot weather, often accompanied with headaches, dizzy, stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, tiredness, weakness, and anepi-thymia. Only after taking medicine did she feel a little better. Last spring, she caught a cold again, and began to practise Qigong, meanwhile taking some medicine. After one week, she recovered. She has been practising Qigong since then. Now she is in good health and has not caught a cold since.

Common Cold

Symptoms of the wind-cold are headache, nasal obstruction with watery discharge, sneezing, chilliness, anhidrosis, cough with thin phlegm, soreness of the joints, a thin, white tongue coating, and a superficial, tense pulse. Symptoms of wind-heat type are headache with fever or sweating, dry mouth and sore throat, yellow nasal discharge, yellow sticky phlegm, a thin and yellowish tongue coating, and a rapid, superficial pulse.