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Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

As you work through this book you will find careful instructions, meticulously illustrated. These take you from the first stages of practice through to advanced levels previously unpublished in the West. You will be taught how to employ the Five Energies system in the higher levels of Da Cheng Chuan (see Part Four). You will also learn the way in which precisely controlled movements can be coordinated with essential postures to raise the body's energy to dramatic levels. However, as with all arts, the fundamentals must be understood first and then used as a basis for further achievement.

The Future Of Qigong

James Macritchie

No commercial publishing company would be engaged in creating a work such as this, with the costs and time involved, and give it away. On a personal note I could say that after having three books published, they did what they did, and are now out-of-print -although used copies are available via the internet. Having self-published The International Chi Kung Qong Directory in 1995 the size, extent and potential of the field was recognized. Having created the National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association USA in 1996 and given it years of time and attention it has now become stable and established and the largest organization of its kind in the USA. And after 30 years of clinical practice in Acupuncture and 25 years teaching Qigong, with my most critical and questioning mind, I believe that this training program presents the primary anatomy and physiology of the energy system - the Eight Extraordinary Meridians - which underlie everything else. This may be the proverbial...

Author notes

Opportunities such as the commemoration of Wang Xiang Zhai's 110 years (1886-1996), the founder of Dachengquan (also called Yiquan), intending to present zhan zhuang and Dachengquan more generally to a larger audience, are definitively too rare, it is for this reason why I decided to share my experience of many years practice in post standing and sparring and condense it in this new book. It was such an honor but in the same time also such a huge task to put in order, revise, actualize and add further comments to Wang's latest unpublished writings such as Dao of combat , General training program in martial art and My Memories but also many others relevant materials which contributed to propel Dachengquan to its top ranking of innovative and effective martial art

E book Publishing Secrets

E book Publishing Secrets

The term E-book can mean a variety of different things in varied context however the most basic reference would be that it is a source of information done in a digital file. This book gives you the tools to publish yourself.

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