Simple Chi Kung

Whether one is student or an expert, practice is essential. A practice session can be fruitless, however, if the body is not properly prepared to handle the energy it is about to absorb. This is the main reason for these additional Iron Shirt training exercises. The term warm-up means to begin the Chi and blood flow and invigorate their circulation throughout the body. Warm-up exercises are particularly important for areas of the body that are rarely stretched, such as the spine and the sacrum....

Warning Of Energy Gates

Bone Breathing

Bone Compression Fig. 25 Bone Breathing 2. Bone Compression This exercise is another mean of increasing the flow of Chi to the muscles and the bones, squeezing out toxins, sediment, waste material, and negative emotions that have become stored in the muscles. Once these negative qualities are cleaned out, positive ones have room to grow. Positive emotions relax the muscles and the entire body. We also know the Bone Compression as the Power Exercise or the Dynamic...

Hip Rotations

Tai Chi Hip Rotations

Stand with the feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Place the hands on the sides of the waist. As you perform the hip rotations, keep the head above the feet. Move slowly and easily, breathing deeply and continuously. 3. Move the hips in a large clockwise circle 4. Now move the hips in a circle to the back. 5. Move the hips counterclockwise. 6. Repeat steps 2-5 eight more times. 7. Reverse the direction and repeal steps 2-5 nine times.

Shoulder Rotation with Eyes

Lateral movement Spot an object in each extreme angle of your peripheral vision and move from one to the other alternately without turning your neck. 2. Up and down Spot an object over your head, another one by your feet and go from one to the other without tilting your head. 3. Upper right corner of the right eye to the left corner of the left eye. 4. Upper left corner of the left eye to the right corner of the right eye. 5. Rotations Follow a circle around the eyes very slowly and catch...

Opening the Door of Life

Tan Tien Chi Kung

Begin in the same stance as the Waist Loosening. Twist to the left as in the Waist loosening exercise, initiating the movement from the hips. Let the right arm swing across the front of the torso, raising it up to head height with the palm facing away from you. At the same time, let the left arm swing around the back and place the back of the left hand over the Door of Life point the point on the spine opposite the navel . 2. When you reach your full extension, relax, and then extend again...

Windmill Exercise Opening the Spinal Joints

Lying Windmill Exercise

Do each phase of this practice very slowly and mindfully. 1-3. Begin in the same stance as for Waist Loosening. Bring both hands together and hook the two thumbs together. Keeping the hands close to the torso, inhale and raise the arms until they are extended straight above the head, with the fingers pointing upward. Gently stretch up in this position, extending the spine slightly backwards. You can even say Ahhhhhh as you would when you stretch first thing in the morning. 4-5. Begin to exhale...

Hand and Wrist

Exercise With Passive For Arm

One arm and hand active, the other arm and hand passive. The passive side receives the treatment exercise, the other side active side gives the stretch. Stretch is given upon exhalation. a. The active hand lifts up the passive wrist at sternum level and flexes the wrist by pushing the hand toward the inside of the arm. 2. Internal rotation with flexion and abduction of the wrist a. Passive hand facing your face the active hand wraps around the back of the passive hand, thumb between the little...

Spinal Cord Breathing

Inhale and expand the chest, arms bent at the elbows and extended to the sides of the body. Exhale, tuck the tailbone under and round the back forward, bringing the elbows toward one another in front of the chest. Inhale, expand the chest, tuck the chin in toward the throat, push the chin back, raise the crown and bring the arms out to the sides. Repeat this back and forth movement 36 times. This movement activates the cranial and sacral pumps, and loosens all the joints in the spine. Head...

Knee Rotations

Zhineng Qigong Exercices

Standing with feet together, hands on your knees, knees flexed, rotate both knees together, exercising your ankles and knees with clockwise counterclockwise rotations. 1. Place the feet together. Bend the knees and place the palms lightly on the kneecaps. 2. Slowly and gently rotate the knees to the left. 3. Rotate the knees to the back. 4. Rotate the knees to the right. 5. Repeat steps 2 and 4 eight more times. 6. Now reverse direction and repeat nine times.