Bone Breathing

1. Bone Breathing Process

The Bone Breathing Process uses the mind and the eyes to absorb the Cosmic Force into the bones. The mind and the eyes are also used immediately after each exercise (in any posture) to bring the energy down to the navel.

Bone Breathing is the method of drawing external energy through the skin into the bones to clean out fat in the bone marrow( "Cleansing the Marrow"). This process helps to regenerate the bone marrow, thereby rejuvenating the production of blood and Chi. It is vital to the practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung III, but is also used in Iron Shirt I to increase blood and energy circulation. Chi can then flow freely into the bones and blood, carrying nutrients and oxygen to areas in need. Tension in the muscles surrounding the bones is lessened and the bones become strong.

Bone Breathing is a three-stage process of inhaling and exhaling as through the fingers and toes:

a. Use the powers of the mind and eyes to breathe in outside energy through the fingertips, gradually up to the hands and arms to the skull, and then down the spinal column. A sensation is felt as you breathe into each area.

b. Inhale and exhale the same way through the toes and then, by degrees, inhale up to and into the thigh bones, legs, and hips (also in a step-by-step progression). Then inhale up your legs to the sacrum where the energy will enter your spinal column, surging up throughout the nervous system.

c. Finally, breathe into both the arms and legs simultaneously, through C-7, and up into the head. Remember that you absorb and eject energy more effectively at specific points, many of which protrude from the body; toes, fingertips, elbows, knees, sacrum. Door of Life. C-7, shoulders, and nose.

_ Using the mind breathe in external energy through the / t\\ fingertips and toes.

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